These products are great alternatives to Annealed glass or other types standard glass come in. They offer different physical characteristics that can be advantageous for some applications that glass cannot offer. These products bend more easily than glass. They are also easier to drill cut and manipulate by the end user than glass typically.

Another benefit of these products are that they meet safety glass specifications. We offer these products in sheets, cut to size or custom fabricated into whatever you may need. One of our specialties is custom fabricating our polycarbonate material into Egress Window well covers. We can fabricate everything from Museum quality vitrines to ATV or Boat Windshields that you need fixed on short notice for this weekends camping or fishing trip.


The team at TC Glass continues to strive to have a diverse competent content approach to maintaining our service. Our team has the expertise across all fields.

When you need the glass replaced in a door, or a complete installation of new windows, TC Glass will take care of your residential glass repair and replacement needs. We’ll do it right, get it done on time, and leave your home clean when we’re done.

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