TC Glass

“I just wanted to say thank you and what an awesome job your guys did… on my camper windows, screens, and horse trailer window..
It is so nice just to have a company come in and just get it done and not leave a mess or problems…WOW Moment!!!! Thank You!!!!”
– Tom O’Connell


“Yes, the final product is awesome.  The entire glass package you guys put together for us contributes a lot of class and functionality
to the project. We have received many compliments and will surely give credit to your outfit for the thorough planning and execution despite
the design challenges we faced. Do not hesitate to include us in your list of references should anyone ask.”
– Peter Jennings (Arvon Hotel)

This email was sent in after TC Glass Technicians installed curtain wall for the Russell Street Apartment Project.

“The tenant at (private address) contacted me to tell me what an AWESOME job your guys did. She said the new windows look amazing, they (TC Glass Technicians) were very professional, put her items back in their place and cleaned up really well after themselves. She was really impressed. Just wanted to pass along the atta boy!”
– Erin Otte (Missoula Maintenance Inc.)


“TC Glass in Great Falls did an outstanding job of replacing a skylight window that had blown off last weekend. A friend and I had covered the open skylight with a heavy duty tarp until the professionals (James and Nate) could do their job. A job they did extremely well! While up on the roof, they noticed that the adjoining skylight (met at the peak) was very unstable. Thankfully, James and Nate had the foresight to remove the unstable skylight, take it back to their shop, reinforce it and then reinstalled that one, in addition to the replacement skylight for the one that had blown off of the building. These guys did an awesome job, on short notice! Thank you TC Glass and thank you James and Nate!”
– John N. –