TC Glass

Job Location: Missoula, MT


Architect: N/A

General Contractor: Todd Randall

Building Type: Residential

Todd Randall Construction has worked with TC Glass on many projects. On this particular project, Todd contacted TC Glass to install a shower enclosure for a private residence.  TC Glass was recommended because TC Glass Technicians and staff have the knowledge and experience to help design custom shower enclosures to fit their needs. The homeowner wanted a heavy duty shower enclosure that had a nice and clean look that was kid friendly, they also wanted to feature their bathroom well. TC Glass technicians went to the residence and measured the space and proceeded to order materials.  The challenges faced with this project was that the glass panel was so large the TC Glass installers had to implement into the design a header to go across the top of the glass for support. Upon completion of the project, the homeowners expressed their joy on how the project turned out, and were pleased with the appearance of the shower enclosure and how stable the enclosure was for the size of the glass panel.