TC Glass

Job Location: Fort Harrison – Helena, Montana

Owner: Veterans Administration

Architect: ETF Architects

General Contractor: Betance

Building Type: VA Administrative Office

Building 141 was an exterior window replacement project. The use of this building is as the Headquarters Veterans Administration Building for the State of Montana. The building had its windows retrofitted once before as you can see in the pictures below. The fact that this building had been retrofitted before created some challenging detailing design early on to retrofit cleanly for both performance and aesthetics. The owner required a high performance window thermally, and to eliminate water and air leakage to the building.

The historic nature of this building also required the aesthetics to represent original concepts such as the window gridding as you can see in the pictures below. Although the building remained occupied during installation, the installation process went smoothly due to careful planning. The cooperation between tenants, building management and the General Contractor all lent to success the on this project.

Project Gallery

After                                                                 Before                                                              After                                                                 Before