TC Glass

Job Location: Dana Ranch – Cascade, Montana

Owner: Wilks Brothers

General Contractor: Brikor Associates

Architect: Madderlake Architects

Building Type: Residential


The Dana Ranch Shower Door Project was a custom heavy glass shower door job that involved prominent Owners, a Leading Architect, and a well known General Contractor. All parties, were actively involved in the design phase of the project.

The architect and Owner requested a steam shower that incorporated clips instead of the standard U-channel. This was challenging because the tolerances between glass and tile could only be 1/8″ as opposed to the sandard 1/4″ gap. The glass selected was 1/2” clear glass with polished nickel hardware.

Once the obstacles of the design phase was over, the installation went great and in total TC Glass technicians installed four 1/4” frameless glass shower enclosures for this project.