TC Glass

Job Location: Malmstrom Air Force Base – Great Falls, Montana

Owner: United States Air Force

General Contractor: TC Glass, Inc.

Architect: CTA Architects Engineers

Building Type: Military Facility

The main entrance to Building 500 was in need of updated Curtain Wall for some time. The intent and purpose for this project was to improve the Main Tower entry of the four-story building, as it was outdated and the current windows were leaking. Updating the four-story entrance tower to Building 500 would bring it in compliance with current Air Force design standards, Headquarters Global Strike Command curtain wall design directives, and Base Standards. To meet these standards, the exterior skin or Curtain Wall of the tower would have to be retrofitted with anti-terrorism Blast Proof material, glass, aluminum framing, doors, steel reinforcement and concrete.

Our TC Glass Technicians and Estimators started with Demolition which included removing all existing Curtain Wall framing, Curtain wall connections to structure, glazing, interior finishes, insulated panels and doors. Once demolition was complete, the building and future additions required additional reinforcing to meet blast requirements.

Once demolition and reinforcing was complete, our TC Glass Technicians installed a new Blast Rated Curtain Wall System and appropriate Blast Rated glazing. New Blast Rated automatic doors were also installed, along with energy efficient translucent wall panels in the new Curtain Wall System.

Meanwhile, clean up was started on finished Curtain Wall Systems such as replacing interior finishes on all levels that work was done on. Existing membrane was removed and replaced with new substrate and EPDM roofing with appropriate flashing. Existing suspended ceilings on first, second and third levels were removed and replaced.

Customer satisfaction is our highest priority. Throughout this project, close communication, efficient time management, skill and expertise in our field was key to make this high profile project a success. The client was very happy with the project results and has provided us with many other projects at this location.

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