TC Glass

Job Location: Great Falls, Montana

Owner: City of Great Falls

Architect: N/A

General Contractor: TC Glass

Building Type: City Facility

The Great Falls City Community Recreation Center building is used for many different purposes such as housing a children’s daycare in the basement, a full basketball court for various programs, and numerous other activities for the citizens in the Great Falls Community.

The Officials at the City of Great Falls contacted TC Glass to replace the exterior pair of doors as well as an interior pair of doors with new doors with low energy automatic door operators. The City of Great Falls goal for the door replacement was to provide a durable solution for such a high traffic area and to bring the Community Recreation Center up to current building and energy code. Since the building housed so many programs and was always open, the building remained in use during installation.

This project being a retrofit included several hurdles which were completed successfully with the help of the client. Some of the hurdles included; new wiring to accommodate the new automatic operators, rerouting the existing fire sprinkler line to accommodate the new entrance, and leveling the floor at the entrance of the building. The project was a complete success due to all involved, including the City of Great Falls.

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